New species of antibiotic-resistant bacteria found in infected wound

A hitherto unknown antibiotic-resistant bacteria species, in the same family as E. coli and Salmonella spp., has been found and classified in Sweden. The proposed taxonomic name of the species -- the first of the new genus -- is Scandinavium goeteborgense, after the city of Gothenburg, Sweden, where the bacterium was isolated and the research was done.

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Risky Move From Thomas Jefferson University Could Reshape Philadelphia’s Health Marketplace

Jefferson is trying to take control of insurer Health Partners Plans Inc. in a deal that could mean Philadelphia consumers and employers could end up paying more for their health care. Hospital and health system news comes out of Georgia, Oregon, New Hampshire, North Carolina, and D.C.

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State Highlights Slow Trickle Of Disaster Aid Funds Frustrates Desperate Puerto Ricans Mississippi’s 15-Week Abortion Ban Remains Blocked By Appeals Court

Media outlets report on news from Puerto Rico, Mississippi, Ohio, Florida, West Virginia, Virginia, Missouri, Maryland, Texas, Colorado, Washington, Wisconsin, California, Oregon and North Carolina.

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States To Be Allowed To Use Funds Earmarked For Opioid Epidemic To Address Escalating Meth Cocaine Crises

State public health officials have been feeling like their hands are tied as they watch a threat on the horizon. But Congress is now giving them permission to use the opioid funds more broadly. In other news on the opioid epidemic: the threat of benzos, foster families, one city's plan to address the crisis, and more.

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In Midst Of Outcry Over Missing Native American Women Investigation Into One Girl’s Death Hints At A Changing Tide

When a 16-year-old went missing in Montana, local and federal law enforcement actually searched for her instead of letting the case go cold. Although it's a far cry from what needs to be done to address the issue, some advocates say it shows that there is progress being made.

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