Best of Our Blogs October 23 2018

I learned so much from listening to Kris Carr’s Healing Cancer Summit. It wasn’t only for cancer patients and caregivers, but anyone impacted by chronic illness.

In other words, everyone.

In one of the sessions entitled, “How Love Heals Us,” author Robert Holden, Ph.D. talked about illness as an opportunity to fully embrace our whole selves, disease and all.

As you learn more about relationships this week, I hope you’ll keep that in mind. Willing away your problems, illnesses and difficulties could be another form of self-abandonment. Finding acceptance in your situation, on the other hand, could be the key towards greater self-love.

What it Means to Have Good Communication Skills in Your Relationship
(Childhood Emotional Neglect) – Which one of these communication tactics are you using in your relationship? Here’s how to improve the way you communicate.

The Strong Victim: Why Victims of Abuse Stay
(The Recovery Expert) – Surprisingly, it’s their strengths that keep victims trapped in abusive relationships.

Being Volunteered: When Codependence Conflicts with Good Boundaries
(Narcissism Meets Normalcy) – It’s what you wish you could say to that person who keeps asking you to do things for them.

The Psychology Behind Why We Love Scary Movies
(Change Your Mind Change Your Life) – It’s that time of year again. Find out what’s behind your fascination with horror films.

Going No Contact with Mom? Prepare Yourself for the Smear Campaign
(Knotted) – Before you end your relationship with your mother, you need to be aware of these five important ways to protect and prepare yourself.

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